I.S.S. 2024

The long-standing issues and tensions between the US and Russia are emphasised in the film I.S.S. 2024. The whole film is shooted in a space station. You will witness a six-person team that appears to split into two. Kira Foster, Gordon Barrett, and Christian Campbell are American members of one. The last three players are Russian and are Alexey Pulov, Nikolai Pulov, and Weronika Vetrov. They can see that there will be a missile attack on Earth. It consequently causes a shift in their connection. The leaders of each squad have given the same orders to the other. Seeing what they would decide between devotion to friends and country is an interesting point of interest. Stream I.S.S. 2024 in excellent picture quality on Sflix.

Genre: 2024MoviesSci-FiThriller


Duration: 1h 35m

Quality: HD