Genie 2023


In Genie, a workaholic learns that his family matters more than a dated formula for family films. It’s a heartwarming family film that may unite individuals and help them value the things in their lives. It’s especially nice around the holidays. The majority of those lack a genie who is able to fulfill any request. By the time the last act of “Genie” tries to touch viewers’ emotions. Really, it is only going to be effective for the youngest family members. Given that Dad is a workaholic, it probably will assist. Melissa McCarthy is so endearing, kind, and amusing that you could fall in love with Genie as well. All in all, it’s quite subtle yet enjoyable enough to satisfy that comforting itch. Sflix is streaming Genie 2023 in HD without any subscription.

Genre: 2023ComedyFantasyMovies


Duration: 1h 33m

Quality: HD