Float 2024

In actuality, Float 2024 is based on the well-known Young Adult novel by Kate Marchant. The protagonist of the tale is Waverly, a youthful Toronto-born medical student. She makes the snap decision to spend her summer in a quaint little town. She gets to spend out with Rachel, her amazing artist aunt, while she’s there. She appreciates to the fullest all that this charming place has to offer. Waverly finds herself in peril one fateful day after attending a beach party and almost drowns. Fortunately, Blake, a handsome lifeguard, saves the day. He not only saves her life, but he also wins her love in the process. Their close bond and consistent morning swimming lessons result from this. Stream full movie in HD on Sflix.

Genre: 2024DramaMoviesRomance


Duration: 1h 40m

Quality: HD