Five Blind Dates 2024

Lia is a talented young lady who is relatable. She made the decision to go from her tiny hamlet to Sydney, a bustling metropolis, to pursue her dreams. To uphold the customs of her late grandmother, she established “Bobo’s Tea Time,” a Chinese teahouse, in Sydney. But even with her best efforts, the company is having trouble. Lia returns soon to her hometown of Townsville, a suburban area, for her sister Alice’s engagement celebration. A fortune teller tells Lia to go on five blind dates before the wedding during her visit. The fortune teller thinks that this will help her business succeed in addition to solving her romantic troubles. Lia reluctantly accepts her sister’s and her parents’ matchmaking efforts, expecting to discover her true love among the suitable suitors. Watch full movie in HD print on Sflix Free Movies.

Genre: 2024ComedyMoviesRomance


Duration: 1h 23m

Quality: HD