Eileen 2023

The film Eileen is about a woman. She needs to be shaken to realise how complicated people are before she can leave her boring life behind. In the middle of the 1960s, Eileen worked at a juvenile prison in Massachusetts. Both society and her violent, intoxicated father place restrictions on her. She makes an effort to stop the WWII veteran from frightening the neighbours with his handgun. If she’s not going about her everyday business, she’s cleaning up her dad’s vomit. When Rebecca, an Anne Hathaway doctor, enters Eileen’s life, she is enthralled. It seems like this woman has it all. She is confident, intelligent, and stunning. Not everything appears as it seems. Watch this full length movie Eileen 2023 on Sflix Movies without purchasing any membership.

Genre: 2024DramaMysteryThriller


Duration: 1h 37m

Quality: HD