Dune: Part Two 2024

In the second part of the movie, Duke Paul Atreides and his mother Jessica find sanctuary with the Fremen after House Atreides is attacked by House Harkonnen. Paul is embraced by Fremen leader Stilgar. He immerses himself in their way of life. He develops feelings for Chani while coming to terms with the possibility that he might be their foretold savior. Tensions escalate between the Fremen and the Harkonnens. Both are competing for dominance over the planet and its precious resource, “spice.” The Emperor intervenes, accompanied by his daughter Princess Irulan and the Bene Gesserit leader Reverend Mother Mohiam, as the conflict reaches a boiling point. Watch Dune: Part Two 2024 movie in multiple resolutions on Sflix.

Duration: 2h 46m

Quality: HD