Damsel 2024

The story of Damsel 2024 centres on Elodie, a young woman who, in a previous life, bravely battled a dragon that breathed fire. However, she is currently making a living by cutting wood. Floria, her sister, also resides with her in a distant country. Elodie can’t really make enough money to support herself on a regular basis. The prince of the realm then proposed to her in a letter that she later received. After saying yes to his proposal, she wed him. She was then brought close to the dragon’s cave after being married. She realised that in order to stop the dragon from hurting other people, she would have to give up her life. How is she going to get away? Enjoy streaming Damsel 2024 in multiple resolutions on Sflix.

Duration: 1h 50m

Quality: HD