Challengers 2024

The story of Challengers is an epic tale that brings together two players who have a long history but are very different in many ways. Throughout their careers they have often found themselves on opposite sides. And overseeing it all is Tashi Duncan. Tashi is a former child prodigy who now dedicates her time to supporting her husband Art one of the two players on the field. She plays a crucial role in his life constantly striving to help him overcome his struggles and succeed. Her encounter with rival Patrick becomes a turning point in this journey of revival. However Tashi approach to revitalizing her husband career takes an unexpected turn due to the resurfacing of their shared past a past that holds secrets conflicts and deep-rooted emotions. Sflix movie offers a vast selection of new films and television series to watch.

Genre: 2024DramaMoviesRomanceSport


Duration: 2h 11m

Quality: HD