Boston Strangler 2023

The two real-life reporters’ perspectives are used in the new true crime thriller Boston Strangler. They pieced together the murderers’ side of the Boston Strangler’s tale. Loretta McLaughlin, a rookie reporter assigned to her newspaper’s Lifestyle section, is portrayed by Keira Knightley. Even before she has managed to get herself assigned to this story, Loretta’s instincts take over and she starts to investigate when her mother brings up the murder of an elderly woman in her neighborhood. Loretta is partnered with Jean Cole, a more seasoned and well-connected Crime Reporter, in order to maintain the story once it begins to grow and become more complicated. Explore full Hollywood movies and tv series via Sflix streaming website.

Genre: 2023CrimeDramaHistory


Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.5