American Carnage 2022

JP, a teenager, works two shifts at a fast-food burger restaurant. Lily, his younger sister, has enrolled at Columbia University and intends to attend New York City. In order to secure his reelection, the bigoted right-wing governor of the red state where the siblings live, Harper Finn, writes an executive order allowing him to detain naturalized immigrants and their children. JP and Lily are included in that group when an ICE Swat team detains the family during a reception honoring Lily’s admittance to college. To be with Lily again, the brother must participate in a D.A.sponsored program that will shorten his sentence and prevent his deportation in exchange for his willingness to serve as an unskilled caregiver. Enjoy online 2022 Hollywood superhits full films in HD on Sflix movie streaming website.

Genre: 2022ComedyHorrorMystery


Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.0