AKA 2023

The AKA 2023 film stars Alban Lenoir, footballer-turned-actor Eric Cantona, Sveva Alviti, Nathalie Odzierzko, Thibault de Montlembert and Kevin Lane, among others. The French action thrill ride is coordinated by Morgan S. by Dalibert, who co-composed the story with Alban Lenoir. In AKA, a special ops agent in Paris is assigned to bring down a crime boss, Victor Pastore. It is suspected that Victor is involved in some terrorist activities. When I refer to Alban Lenoir as a “brilliant action star” above, I don’t mean to diminish his acting talent. In fact, he works very well for me as an action star because I also feel the emotion of what he goes through. This is clearly due to him being a talented actor. Watch Online AKA 2023 in full HD quality on Sflix without any subscription.

Genre: 2023ActionCrimeThriller


Duration: 122

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.7