About My Father 2023

“About My Father” is a 2023 comedy film directed by Laura Teruso and starring comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro star in “About My Father,” an often hilarious, semi-autobiographical film about the engagement of an Italian immigrant, Salvo, and his American-born son, who is employed by the latter. Hope comes with its own distinct identity, Sebastian’s fiancee, Ellie, is from a family of Bluebuds—also immigrants, but with a long lineage back to the Mayflower. Tag-line This is a comedy based on her life in Chicago and her relationship with her father, Salvo Manicalco, an over-the-top Chicago hair stylist. A few actors here caught my attention, including De Niro and Kim Cattrall. Stream online latest movies and TV series on Sflix in HD 720p format.

Genre: 2023Comedy



Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.1